Flora Urbana

Flora Urbana imagines an alternate history or potential future where the design of classical and neo-classical architectural ornamentation was intentionally adapted to represent local and endemic plants as the style spread throughout the colonial world. Both fantasy and commentary, the collection deals with the complicated history of globalization, the value of local traditions, biodiversity, and cultural patrimony. 

Shaped by Water

This collection delves into our modern civilization's intricate connection with water, exploring  Granada, Andalusia, a city intricately shaped by water. From the earliest Roman interventions on the Mediterranean coast to the refined Moorish advancements in water control infrastructure, the mastery of water emerges as an enduring theme in historical and contemporary urban development and social identity.

New Order Limited Edition Prints

This limited addition collection uses the Classical Column Orders as a point of departure to playfully explore what happens when History, Nature, and Technology interact.  Each column design combines elements from flora and fauna with the established forms of classical columns.  

Each print is unique and will only be sold once. Once sold, the listing will be taken down.

New Order was produced in collaboration with Nicholas Cecchi and created using the Midjourney web app.  

Where Earth Meets Sky

This collection explores how the built environment utilizes the landscape and interacts with the sky. The city Santiago, Chile is defined by it's relationship to its landscape from seismic forces to it's hill islands.  It is also a city that is always looking up and reaching higher.  This collection features arial views, rooftop vistas, and hill top wonders.

Port of Call

This collection explores Málaga, Spain with paintings that feature how the city's long history as a port has shaped it.   The primary drivers of the development of the built environment in Málaga have been, protection, profit, and pleasure.  Each painting captures a different aspect of the city, highlighting its unique history and character.

Cuenca Collection Prints

Prints from the Cuenca Collection are available at IdiomArt, All Things Alpaca Cuenca, and Museo del Cacao.  All proceeds from in store sales go to supporting these organizations and their missions to support local creatives.