This painting depicts the view from the roof of the New Cathedral in Cuenca Ecuador. Designed by Juan Bautista Stiehle, the cathedral features iconic blue tiled domes that represent the heavens supported by a massive brick structure. The brick used in the building as both structure and ornament was produced on site from the local clay-rich earth. In this way, the Cathedral, and the clay tile roofed buildings of the surrounding city, are literal manifestations of the earth reaching up to meet the sky.

When People interact with the Landscape they create Place.  Emily's paintings thoughtfully explore these moments, bringing the forces that shape the world into focus. 

New Order Limited Edition Prints

New Order is a Series of 20 unique AI-generated Column Capitals. New Order was produced in collaboration with Nicholas Cecchi and created using the Midjourney web app.  

This limited addition collection uses the Classical Column Orders as a point of departure to playfully explore what happens when History, Nature, and Technology interact.  Each column design combines elements from flora and fauna with the established forms of classical columns.  

Each print is unique and will only be sold once. Once sold, the listing will be taken down.

About Emily

Emily Handley is a Landscape Painter and Architect who explores the intersection of the built and natural environment one city at a time. After growing up in the Pacific Northwest exploring the outdoors, her interest in architecture led her to live and work in several cities across the USA. Her art and design work has been shown in multiple solo exhibitions and group shows in the United States and Internationally.

Emily's work investigates vernacular architecture, building ornament’s relationship to local culture, flora, and fauna, and the interaction of functional buildings with their agrarian and industrial landscapes. Emily works in plein-air and in the studio via watercolor and drawing. Her collections of artwork allow her to investigate each place through unique themes, with individual works highlighting different scenes and details that speak to a larger narrative.


Do you or a loved on have a Place that has shaped you?  

Your home, the site of a pivotal life event, a favorite building?  

Emily can produce an Original Watercolor Painting of your Special Place!  

Gallery Representation

Original Watercolor Paintings by Emily and high quality Giclee Prints are available worldwide through Saatchi.

A selection of unlimited Prints of Emily's Original Watercolors are available to at Buddy Chicago.

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